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We are a Japanese trading company headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City

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    We call plants that clean the air 'Eco-Plants.' Also, 'plant' can mean factories or facilities. As Eco-Plant Co., Ltd., we introduce products that make people's lives and the environment more eco-friendly and prosperous as your local plant, aiming for the development of Japan and Vietnam and the creation of new value through trade.

  • Business activities

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    Eco-Plant is a Japanese trading company. We import products that people love to Vietnam, export high-quality products produced in Vietnam to the world, and provide full support to those who want to enter Vietnam. Import, export, and market entry support are the main businesses of Eco-Plant. Please also rely on us for local procurement of goods, trade operations, export and import agency, and local sales representation. Please see our Blog and YouTube for specific details of our business."

  • Company Overview

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    会社名  :  エコプラント有限会社
    所在地  :  ホーチミン市
    代表者   芦田陽一
    関連企業  エコプラントジャパン合同会社

    After graduating from university, I joined a trading company in Kobe, where I conducted sales to clients across 20 countries. Later on, I invested in a trading company managed by Vietnamese individuals, and we continue to expand our sales channels and procurement sources within Vietnam. Within this context, Eco-Plant was spun off as a trading company specializing particularly in business with the rest of the world. You can find my self-introduction here. "

  • Export business of Vietnamese products


    Eco-Plant provides comprehensive support from local sourcing to export for your company. We export various Vietnamese products to Japan, ranging from sewn goods, miscellaneous goods, promotional items, woodwork, molded products, metalworking, polylactic acid, furniture and architectural materials, to sanitary products, in small lots to container units. Even if you have no experience in overseas trade, please feel free to contact us. We also support your import operations and logistics to designated warehouses."


    You can view the main exported products here. The flow of our export operations is as follows:



    1. Investigation, Negotiation:
    1. Dam phan

    Based on your requirements, we conduct investigations and negotiations with manufacturers in Vietnam.

    2. Management, Inspection:
    2. Quan ly Kiem tra

    Together with the manufacturer, we manage production, quality, and delivery schedules. Upon completion, we conduct inspections as needed.

    3. Export:
    3. xuat khau
    We pick up the finished products from the manufacturer and transport them to your specified location."


    The main export items from Vietnam include

    Sewn Products

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    We offer proposals in small batches using various materials such as non-woven fabric, polyester, nylon, PVC, cotton, and poly canvas. Depending on the fabric, we also support full-color options such as silk printing and sublimation printing."

  • SDGs

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    Environmentally friendly Vietnamese products include eco-bags replacing plastic bags, cutlery sets for My Chopsticks usage, straws made from starch or grass stems, and 100% biodegradable plastics (polylactic acid) that return to nature."

  • Hygiene Products

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    We handle various hygiene products produced in Vietnam, including masks, face shields, protective suits, and nitrile gloves.

  • Furniture

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    We export furniture for dining, office, garden, and other purposes. Our main suppliers are OEM factories for well-known furniture brands.

  • Metal Fabrication

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    We specialize in various metal fabrication processes including casting, die-casting, cold/hot forging, machining, pressing, welding, etc. (Materials: ADC, SS, SUS, SCM, CAC, etc.)

  • Other

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    We also provide camping equipment, industrial supplies, and construction materials.

  • Support for Entering Vietnam

    Ho tro dau tu vao vietnam
    Vietnam is expected to continue its high economic growth in the future, with potential expanding not only as a local production hub but also as a consumer market. Eco-Plant is fully committed to supporting your company's expansion into Vietnam with our full efforts."
    • Market Research, Marketing
    • Sales Representation: Trial sales utilizing our sales channels
    • Market Development: Business matching (researching and introducing suppliers and sales channels)
    • Travel Support: Trip planning, airline ticket and hotel reservations, transportation, interpretation
    • Exhibition and Seminar Support: Assistance with participation in trade shows and seminars
    • Global Talent Acquisition
    • Corporate, Legal, Labor, and Tax-related Support

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    Eco Plant Co., Ltd. 

    Please feel free to contact us regarding procurement support, import/export operations, sales agency, etc. in Vietnam.。